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Personal therapy options

Posted by Tony Swartz | Aug 04, 2022

Clients sometimes ask for help seeking out therapy for their own personal reasons (even when it is not court ordered or required in their case). My best recommendation is:

  • LOCAL - Seek out a local therapist. Some people interact much better with therapy in-person rather than online. If you know you are likely to fall into this category, there really isn't a substitute for in-person therapists. The downside is some locations have no availability, or even worse, it becomes clear to you after your first meeting that the available therapist will not be a "good fit" for you. You really need someone who will fit into your personality.
  • ONLINE - is a great resource. This is online therapy, but you have such more flexibility in this platform. You can text, call, or video chat with your therapist. Costs average from $60 to $100 a week, it seems. The biggest benefit is they have a ton of therapists available, so if your assigned therapist isn't a good fit, you can just ask for a new one!

More information about the comparison, plus some extra resources, is available from BetterHelp at

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