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Below are just a few of the good results Tony obtained for clients. shows many more good results. Tony is happy to consistently make bad situations a lot better.

Every case is different. There is never a guarantee regarding what could or will happen in court on your case. It is important that you hire an attorney to deal with your specific case and the facts surrounding your arrest.

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  • Dismissed DUI charge

    A client was stopped by a State Trooper for not having a license plate and they were subsequently arrested for DUI. The car clearly had a license plate, as shown in the Trooper's own dashcam video. Tony was able to point out this inconsistency and the entire case was dismissed. Every case is dif... Read On

  • Dismissed DUI charge

    A client was having a mental health crisis at the time of driving. The Trooper assumed that the mental health symptoms were signs of being drunk and arrested her for DUI even though there was no breath test. The prosecutor's office charged her with a DUI after blood showed medication. Tony was ab... Read On

  • Dismissed DUI charge

    A DUI arrest followed a stop by an officer where the officer's stop was based solely on a 911 call. The trial court determined there was insufficient evidence to allow the officer's stop, and therefore the court dismissed the case due to lack of reasonable suspicion. Read On

  • Dismissed DUI charge

    A client was contacted because he was a passenger in another vehicle and that car got pulled over for speeding. The officer assumed that the client was previously driving, and thus arrested them for DUI. Tony was able to show the court that there was no reasonable suspicion for the contact and th... Read On

  • Dismissed criminal charges

    A client was a passenger in a vehicle. The client was subsequently unconstitutionally questions by the State Trooper and was later cited with criminal charges based on that conversation. The court determined that the contact with the passenger was unlawful and thus the court dismissed the charges... Read On

  • Amended DUI charge due to medical issues

    A client was arrested for DUI after a rollover accident. The prosecutor was pushing hard for a month of jail given the accident. Due to medical evidence that likely affected the breath test results in the case, Tony was able to ultimately get the case reduced to a non-DUI and he got the prosecuto... Read On

  • License Revocation Overturned

    A client was facing a one-year license revocation due to the officer claiming they refused the breath test when asked to do so. Tony was able to convince the hearing examiner that the reason for the breath test was not a refusal, and thus the client was able to keep their license given the hearin... Read On

  • Hunting Charge Reduced

    A client was hunting and did not have the proper license. This client's case was able to be reduced to a non-criminal infraction with a fine, thus taking away the possibility of probation, jail, and other sanctions. Every case is different. There is never a guarantee regarding what could or will... Read On

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Tony has lived in Ellensburg since 2005, other than a brief break for law school. He attended CWU and Willamette University College of Law.

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